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About Faces Make-up Studio

Faces make up studio

Faces 於 2000 年代,由 Judy 後人 Eva Chuk 正式接任,一直活躍於廣告界的她於 2003 年開拓了新娘化妝服務,並把廣告化妝元素溶入新娘化妝技術,以最清簡的妝容去突顯每位新娘個人特質,是最早期打破全統新娘化妝,並以清新清簡手法提供優質新娘化妝服務的公司。

同年,Eva 開創了 Faces make up team,並主打提供新娘化妝服務,專注培訓化妝師,以一貫廣告化妝為宗旨的大前提供優質化妝,同時,亦為每位準新娘提供一站式新娘美容及個人護理服務。

頂尖化妝師 Judy Leung  接任 及 Faces make up team 創立人- Eva Chuk

Faces 的宗旨
Faces 的宗旨一向以簡約清麗的風格備受推崇,不以誇張色彩引人注目,亦不隨波逐流,卻擅于隱惡善揚,貫徹經典新娘化妝為主題。為顧客締造最完美的新娘化妝。

Faces 更定期為化妝師作適當培訓,保持優質化妝水平,確保每位在職的化妝師技術平均卓悅,與公司的要求同步。我們更會定期進行測訓,除了確保服務質素外,化妝師對婚禮流程及時間控制亦必須有豐富知識及應變。



Faces story

Faces make up studio was established by the deceased cosmetician Judy Leung in the 1980s. Judy was active in record firms and advertising agencies, providing make-up services for the performers and actors or actresses. She was among the first generation of top cosmeticians in the showing and advertising businesses and worked for numerous performers.

In the 2000s, Faces was officially taken over by Eva Chuk, who had been working in the advertising field and developed make-up services for brides in 2003.

She incorporated advertising make-up elements into bride make-up techniques and tried to give prominence to every bride’s individual traits with fresh and simple make-ups, which made Faces the first company that abandoned traditional bride make-ups to provide premium bride make-up services with fresh and simple techniques.

The same year, Eva set up Faces make up team, mainly providing bride make-up services and focusing on cosmetician training. It provided not only premium make-up services sticking to the principles of advertising make-ups but also one-stop beautifying and body care services for every will-be bride.

Faces mission

Faces sticks to the fresh and simple make-up style. It neither tries to catch eyes with exaggerating colors nor follows the trends. But it is good at giving play to one’s good traits while covering shortcomings. With the theme of classic bride make-up, it aims at providing perfect bride make-up services for our customers.


Faces provides regular proper training for cosmeticians to guarantee premium make-ups and ensure that every cosmetician is equally outstanding and can meet the requirements of the company. We also conduct regular diagnostic training to ensure that every cosmetician can respond flexibly to any change in wedding processes and time control.

Personal and Customer-centered services

Traditional simplex bride make-up services can on longer satisfy today’s brides who hope to get perfect follow-up services and personal care. Therefore, we attach great importance to the needs of our customers, keep regular contact with them and provide other wedding quotations and information to enable them appropriately arrange their wedding ceremonies on their big days. We also try to conduct face-to-face or other forms of communications to learn about the processes of the wedding and the clothing on the wedding day and listen to what they want with their make-ups and hairstyles.