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Testimonial – Erin Cheng

Thank you Eva and the Faces Make up Studio
for your beauty treatments in the run up and make up service on the day of my wedding!
Eva’s professional approach towards her work, friendly personality and her experience in the bridal industry makes her the perfect make up artist for any bride.
Her work is perfectly immaculate and suitable for photographing, while keeping faithful to my features so I still looked and felt like myself.




Client  : Erin Cheng
Make up : Eva Chuk


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Bridal DIY – Create the makeup by your own

If you’re eager to learn how to create a beautiful bridal look for yourself, please join our Bridal DIY class! Delightful destination wedding looks to specialty weddings; this class will teach you to recreate your desired look! The combination of their professional advice, progressive and savvy make up application tips are the tools you need to achieve a beautiful makeup look.

What you will learn from this class:

-How to create a timeless makeup looks that shows beautifully camera.

-How to differentiate between quality make-up that is suitable for your wedding from average makeup.

-How to select the correct textures and shades for your complexion.

-How to apply the right amount of makeup without overdoing it.

-How to do a quick makeup change on your wedding day to achieve a different lok.

-How to create a makeup look that will have you glowing form your wedding day to your honeymoon.



能夠認識Celine, 全因她的妹妹Catherine。

記得去年才為Catherine 化粧, 轉眼一年了, 今天到Celine 出嫁了。。。

再次見到她倆姊妹及其家人, 有種莫名其妙的親切感,


今早到達香港四季酒店為Celine 化粧及SET 頭, 約花了兩小時. (姊妹們都很美喔)


早上, 我替Celine 設計了底髻髮型, 並配襯紅色小牡丹. 完成後,


 對眾兄弟們展開一連串的考驗. 經過一輪遊戲玩. 便開始對長輩敬茶.


看見Celine這麼燦爛的笑容,  大家便可領會到當天一對新人甜蜜. 溫馨的情景了

Celine & Henry 選擇了澳門四季酒店行禮及設宴, 敬茶過後,


便步行去港澳碼頭, 乘坐船隻往澳門去. 沿途都得到街上眾人的祝福.



婚禮進行時, 新娘子非常感性,

每逄見到親朋好友, 遠渡回來到澳門參加她的婚禮及祝福她時,

淚水便不停流下來, 流出喜悅的眼淚, 場面非常感人,

而當時的我亦不敢走遠, 寸步不離在她身旁, 不時替她印走臉上的淚水及TOUCH UP,

  好 讓Celine有百份百的安全感, 全程投入, 真情流露. 不需擔心粧容的問題。

Celine & Henry 很有心思, 更特設一個SETTING ,

讓進場賓客把祝福寫上POST CARD 上,



晚上, 替她轉了一個較濃的粧容, 用上深啡的眼影,

配上NUDE 色的唇色, 轉上一個網紗頭飾, 份外美麗.


Client:  Celine

Make up by : Penny Chan @ Faces make up studio

Wedding date: 12-1-2013

Location: Four Seasons@ Macau